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Gosfield North Communications Board is elected every 3 years at an the annual meeting by the members of the Co-Operative.

The current board of Directors are listed below, they can be reached individually by clicking their name, alternatively you can reach them all at the following email address board.directors@gosfieldtel.ca

Chair Linda Stevenson
Vice Chair Marion Phaneuf
Director Ed Gibbs
Director Gary Shepley
Director Lloyd Kerr

General information
Role of a Director

Election package
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Notice to members
Nomination confirmation
Application for membership
Voter designation form
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Membership is required to run for election

You are a member of the co-operative if you paid the $1.00 share fee. Members must reside inside Gosfield Norths ILEC territory, generally speaking if you are a resident with an 839 phone number and your name is on the bill. To confirm your membership, please do not hesitate to contact the office.