Antivirus & Spam Protection
Gosfield North uses Roaring Penguin spam and antivirus protection, you can login here to review your spam. There you can manage your filters, whitelists and when you will receive your filter notifications. Your login will be the same as your email address.

Email Settings

Incoming mail

POP by default downloads your messages to your mail client and deletes the message from the server. IMAP allows you to sync your messages. You should use IMAP if you are going to setup your mail on multiple devices.

POP Address:
POP Port: 110
IMAP Address:
IMAP Port: 143

Outgoing mail

SMTP Address:
SMTP Port: 587

POP, IMAP and SMTP require a username and password, your username is your full email address. Your password is the password that was supplied by you when you signed up. If you are unable to remember it or would like to have it reset, please contact us.

Email attachments
We have a 10Mb limit on an email attachment. If you need to send larger files, you can use a service such as Dropbox.

How do I release an email that has been blocked by my spam filter?
You will need to login with your email address and password to the following website. Once you have logged in you will be able to select and release blocked email.

How do I retrieve my email when away from home?
You can always access your email through our website -