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What is my PPV (pay per view) PIN #? If you have not already setup a PIN # for PPV, the default PIN is "0000". This PIN # can be changed in the settings. Already created a custom PIN # and cannot remember it? Please contact our office for help resetting it.

I have Gosfield TV and some programs in the guide display a red circle with a line through it?
These programs a blacked out either because of Canadian licensing or regional licensing for that specific program. For example, Rogers Sportsnet only holds the rights to broadcast Toronto Maple Leaf games in Southwestern Ontario. For more details on Rogers Sportsnets regional agreements please visit the following website: http://www.sportsnet.ca/faq/. Again, this is not at the discretion of Gosfield North.

ManageMyTV mobile applications
If you need some help setting up or using your ManageMyTV mobile application take a look at the guides below.
IPTV Android Application User Guide
IPTV iPad Application User Guide
IPTV iPhone Application User Guide
- If you need an account setup to use this application. Please visit here.

Remote Features!
Did you know your remote has multiple features? Click here for tips!

Remote control setup guides
If you have a new remote control or you would like to use your Gosfield remote as a universal remote to control your audio equipment or television power and volume. Click here for the guide for set up.